Successful Sponsorships Online Training


  • How to Identify the Unique Qualities of Your Event That Will be Attractive to Sponsors Events are a dime a dozen. What is going to make your event attractive to potential sponsors is how it stands out from the rest. I'll give you a formula to figure out your event's unique selling proposition. 
  • What ROI Looks Like to Brands Relationships and exposure are great, but sponsors want a calculated return on their investment. I'll share advice for creating your sponsor offerings with tangible ROI in mind.
  • How to Price Your Sponsorship Packages It's the second most asked question that I receive: "How much should I charge?" The answers is... It Depends. I'll share my tested approach to get you to a smart starting point. 

Stacey Ferguson @justicefergie @beblogalicious

Who This Training Is For:

  • Relationship Writers Wanting to Host an Event for Their Community
  • Style Experts Interested In Hosting a Fashionable Night Out
  • Educators Who Want to Host a Resource Workshop
  • Tech Enthusiasts Who Want to Host a Gadget Showcase
  • Lifestyle Bloggers Who Want to Pitch An Auto Brand for a Sponsored Roadtrip
  • Cause Champions Who Want to Raise Funds for a Charitable Organization
  • Foodies Who Want to Host a Retreat
  • Self-Published Authors Who Want to Host a Book Launch or Tour
  • Coaches Who Want to Host a Brand Building VIP Day for Their Clients
  • The Possibilities Are Endless!

What Others I've Helped Are Saying About My Advice...

  • When we were planning a conference for 200 guests, aboard a cruise ship, Stacey was the first person that we called to learn about our sponsorship options. She broke down the process in a simple and straightforward method that allowed us to catch our breath and pull a real plan together. She knew exactly what we should do and reached into her network to connect us with people who were able to assist us immediately. She saved us from wasting time and resources trying to figure out a process that she already has mapped out. You only have one first impression with a sponsor, make sure you speak with Stacey before you make a move that you can't recover from.

- Lamar Tyler, Traffic, Sales & Profits and

  • Stacey, thank you for allowing me to look like less of a novice. My Blogaversary Celebration event is a huge undertaking and I am trying my best to manage and look professional to my sponsors. I realize it wouldn't be possible without your support. I've been able to secure sponsorships from the National Children's Museum, the Washington Nationals, Honest Tea and others. Thank you, YOUR MENTORSHIP IS INVALUABLE!

- Nicole Luke,

  • Stacey provided me vital resources and order that made me see where my team and I were falling short in our conference planning. After digesting Stacey's strategies myself, I hired an additional admin to help us create a concrete plan in our approach to obtaining more sponsorships in alignment with our mission for our 300-400 person event we have coming up! I'm confident what with these tools - we'll superseded our first year goals by at least 100%!

- Aprille Franks-Hunt, Coach, Speak & Serve for Profits and Spark & Hustle

For the last nine years, I have been creating and managing social media influencer outreach and social marketing campaigns for brands and organizations including: Proctor & Gamble, McDonalds, Sears/Kmart, Aio Wireless, The US State Department and more, that has allowed me a window into what brands want. The cornerstone of my business is the annual Blogalicious Weekend conference, produced by me and my team since 2009; a 3-day educational and experiential event featuring high-profile speakers (such as Marc Morial, Amy DuBois Barnett, Soledad O’Brien) and major consumer brands (such as KIA Motors, Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Interactive, General Mills, Johnson and Johnson and many more). I am responsible for a 200+% growth increase in sponsorship revenues in the last 6 years and I can't wait to share my formula with you.  

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Here's a sampling of the caliber of brands I've secured as sponsors...

I'm so tired of seeing my amazing blogger colleagues struggle to get their fantastic events adequately sponsored. And I wish that there was someone out there who had been offering a training like this when I started out - I can only imagine the amount of money and headache I could have saved! I really want to see each of you succeed. That's why I'm guaranteeing the content shared in this training. I personally guarantee that if you diligently commit to implementing just a few of the strategies in this webinar, you'll secure at least an additional $500 in sponsorship dollars for your event in the next 12 months. If you don't, I'll refund you the cost of this training.


1. In addition to the Successful Sponsorships Audio Training, you'll receive:

- Sponsor Story Map™ Blueprint ($97 Value) - Sponsorship Goals Worksheet ($47 Value) - Unique Selling Proposition Conversation Starter Outline ($47 Value)


2. LIMITED TIME ONLY! Successful Sponsorships Toolkit ($497 Value)  

Toolkit Includes: 

- Successful Sponsorships Jumpstart Guide (PDF) - How to Create an Event That Attracts Sponsors (Audio) - How to Create an Event That Attracts Sponsors (PDF) - How to Pitch to Sponsors (Audio) - How to Pitch to Sponsors (PDF) - How to Create an Effective Sell Sheet (Audio) - How to Create an Effective Sell Sheet (PDF) - Secure Sponsorships for Your LIVE or Digital Events (LIVE EVENT REPLAY)  


  • I'm not a blogger. Will this training apply to me?

Absolutely! The foundation for sponsorships is similar, no matter what your industry. This training will give you the framework you need to pitch sponsors for your event, whether it’s a youth sports tournament or a wellness retreat.

  • Is this worth the investment?

That depends. How has your current strategy been working for you? If you are fielding offers of sponsorship left and right and can’t keep up with the money being thrown your way, then maybe you really don’t need this training. But if you can’t seem to crack that sponsorship nut, or if you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling in terms of the quality and quantity of funding you’re receiving, then this training could very well be the solution you are looking for. If you receive just one sponsorship of $100 based on the information shared in this training, then it has more than paid for itself! And don’t forget about the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Do I have unlimited access to the training? 

Yes. Each participant who registers for the training will have unlimited, on-demand access to the recording to review as many times as you please!